Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ready For My Big Class Tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be attending a BIG class in one of my major subjects. Big class meaning the two sections of the seniors of IT in my school is merged into one in order for us to save our time discussing the same topics. In that case, the two sections will learn the same topics at only one session. My professor planned that one. We had already a big class a week ago but she said it wasn't enough so we'll have a big class again tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be exciting I think. Our group is the first reporter. We will be discussing "User-Centered Design" that is with regards to "Usability" in Human-Computer Interaction. The topic is not that difficult and our group is pretty much excited to deliver it in class tomorrow. We made our PowerPoint Presentation early this afternoon and finished it just before the rain poured so hard around 5PM. As a student, we will always thank WWW and especially Google for being a great tool in providing us the best information we can get in the Internet! I don't think we will finish our report making that fast without the effective aid of technology. I cannot imagine myself scanning century-old books in the library just to find a piece of information. Because of that, I realized that I am so lucky to be born on this generation! Hehehe. LOL.

OK that's it. Hope you will wish me goodluck for tomorrow's simple task! Happy Life!

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  1. hello there. i hope everything went out fine. kaya mo yan! i believe in your capacity. just reading your blogs and looking at this layout fascinates me about your talent in computers and internet. have a great day!