Thursday, September 18, 2008

When the CEO Talks, Listen!

Hi everybody! How's your day so far?! Me, I had a wonderful time with my friends a while ago. They came over at my place for us to finish some school works. Gladly, we finished it early so we've decided to turn on my DVD and start singing the songs that we really like! That was fun! Now, my friend told me that he really wants to be an artist someday. Not impossible though because he has a lovely and calm voice. So that's why I told him to watch the video embedded below that I found in YouTube for him to realize what is the trend and the present situation now about artists in the music industry.

On the video is the CEO of WEA (Warner, Elektra, Atlantic), John Esposito. The CEO basically talks about how hard is it for an Artist to get signed in today's music industry, the labels in connection with the artist, how is today's A&R model changing, such as method of discovery and the basics of what really is a 360 deal is. The video was so informative that it definitely gave my friend an idea of what is happening in the real world of music. Thanks to the interviewer for this exclusive video. My friend thanked me and went home with hope in his heart.


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