Friday, September 19, 2008

Me as a... (Part 2)


I definitely consider my friends as one of the main factor why I feel complete. Sometimes, when there are times that I'm down and depressed, my friends are one of my greatest source of strength. My friends I can't deny it make the sometimes-heavy life bearable. As for me, I was born to be a great friend. Yes this is true. I value my friends so much the way I value my family and God. I easily feel pity sometimes to my friends when there comes a time that life and good luck isn't on there side. You know what I mean. Also, as a friend, I often reflect everyday before I go to sleep whether or not, on that day I become an angel or devil to them.

As a real person, I need to be good. I need to be as responsible as my parents. As a person, I think I must be willing to take sacrifices sometimes for my friends, family and God. In this way, I can say that I lived my life well and I lived it as fruitful as possible. I am good I tell you. I easily make friends. I think it's my own social responsibility to mingle and keep in touch to not just to those whom I loved dearly but for those who also hate me. At the end of the day, we must realize that being a real person starts with "Hellos."

More of my self-reflection.


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