Friday, September 19, 2008

It was a Success!

Woohoo! I told you about me attending a BIG class today right? Yah, I told you also that I will deliver a report or a presentation about "User-Centered Design" with regards to Usability in Human -Computer Interaction (HCI), right? So now, I am so happy to tell you that the presentation was smooth and successful. As what I've expected, among the three members of our group, I was the lucky one, who was picked to present it to the senior IT students in my school, my classmates in simple words. Of course I was prepared. Together with my group mates, we really researched about the said topic! Even though my professor didn't say any, I believe that she was contented with what WE presented. And with regards to my classmates, they were cool. They participated in the question and answer portion. Every time I ask them questions as I go along with my presentation, we give feedbacks that signifies they are listening to me and that I am an effective presenter (I believe.. hehe).

Happy day!

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  1. hmmm.. u sure had a scholarly presentation, by the looks of it. . .