Thursday, September 18, 2008

Me as a...

I am twenty years old now. And for that past fruitful years, I've been very thankful to my parents for providing me the basic needs a child must have. We are not rich. My father is a driver. Everyday, he earns just enough for a 6-member family. From his earning, we can already buy daily supplies and foods as well as the allowance to school. Without him, we will be lost. My mother is a teacher. Though she's professional, she earns just enough also. A teacher's salary here in the Philippines is sometimes delayed and has full of deductions and all that that's why my mother really don't take home the real total of her salary. So together with my 1 brother and 2 sisters, we badly need our parents. I love my parents so much the way other any sons and daughters to their parents. Maybe I'm am just so thankful to them for giving me a comfortable life.


For me, my day is never complete with talking to my brother and sisters. Oftentimes, we share some wacky things we heard and saw on that specific day. We sometimes stay in the living room talking with our voices to loud that signifies "excitement" while we are sharing. I have a brother. He is 14. I have two sisters, 17 and 21. Considering our age gap, of course we often share the same interests and likes. But like any brother and sisters do, we also have this "war days" whenever somebody of us failed to do his/her scheduled specific task on that particular day. That definitely includes, washing the dishes! Oftentimes, we argue on that because nobody of us wants to do the job for that sibling (but there are cases where in we have no choice... hmp).

I can still remember when I watched this local show a couple of months ago that centered its one episode in blogging. From that TV show, I got an idea on why not make my own blog in order for me to share my daily experiences, the things I know, the things I love and the things that I really love. My classmate, Flipt became my Blogging 101 mentor. I was thankful indeed to him for defining to me the terms like, Blog Hop, Opportunites, Blogging Directory, PPP and money from blog. And so after knowing all this stuffs, I slowly realized that by blogging, I can't only share what I know and my experience but also to make money and the most important of all, to make friends online, like my online ate, ate Joy. I am also very much thankful to this "money maker" websites like PPP and SocialSpark for providing me my tuition fee! I am an addict in blogging. I admit it. Guilty.

Being a student is hard. You have to beat the time. That's what I've realized for over 11 years of being a student. Projects, assignments, prosposals, reports, it all, that are sure things that make school exciting, challenging and tiring. In school I learned many things. I learned that it's not a good excuse of saying a stomach pain that's why you were absent. I learned that it's impossible that you've never copied your classmates homework. I'm in my last year in college now and hopefully be able to graduate sometime this March 2009. But we will never know what will happen tomorrow. So I'll just hope for the best.

Friend be continued

Person be continued

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