Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Get it Straight From the CEO

Do you actually feel that you were born to be an artist? Do you believe you'll be the next big name in the music industry? Then, I have something for you today!

I was browsing some cool videos over YouTube a while ago and was lucky found this very informative video from the CEO of WEA (Warner, Elektra, Atlantic), John Esposito. In the video, Esposito basically talks about how is it to be an artist, how hard is it for an Artist to get signed in today's music industry, how can label affect an artist and what are the labels looking for. Also, CEO Esposito explains what's a 360 deal is, how it works, what's involved and whether or not it's a factor for singing. If you'll hear the answers of these questions straight from the composed gentlemen of WEA, truly you'll be enlightened and will be able to know what you will do if you think you are into music. The video is really informative. Check it below.

After seeing that video, how do you feel? Well for me, I can say that being a great artist isn't just about the talent, it is definitely more about your whole package as a friend to the people who surrounds you and as a person.


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