Monday, June 9, 2008

Rocking Again!

Hello Internet! Hello World! Hello Bloggers! Hello!

Anyway, just want you guys to know that my uncle let me borrow his computer for the meantime that my laptop was still somewhere healing itself. LOL. After two weeks of being away from the internet world, now I'm back to rock this blog!

Just now, I have checked my SocialSpark account and approved the people who want to add me as their friend. Very nice indeed. Got my reservations for some opps, but sadly, I think i was expired already coz I can't anymore locate the opps list in the site. It's okay, I can still have another one. Hihihihi!

I have also checked my friends in the other sites like BlogCatalog, MyLogBlog, Twitter and any more. Hihihi.

I am really excited to continue this blog again! : )


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! :D

  2. Welcome back! I hate it when I can't access the net too.. Especially if I miss out on reserved opps. :P

    Btw, came over from SS! :)