Thursday, May 29, 2008

Out of Order!

I've been out of no where this past week and I'm really irritated with what happened. For all my blogger friends out there and other bloggers and to those who don't care, just want you to know that my stupid laptop is OUT OF ORDER!

It wasn't functioning since monday early morning and still until this very moment that i'm writing this post. I don't know the exact reason what happened but all I know is that, I can't turn it on!!!

The feeling of being away from the internet world is so weird. I mean, I feel so alone. I always think I'm left behind. I keep on thinking what's happening to the world. In short, internet is now a part of my curious mind.

(So why don't you let it fixed?)..yah yah..Iv'e been thinking about that and that's the very first idea that Iv'e thought. Of course, all broken things must be fixed. I already told my mom (see? I'm still dependent..who cares?) about this and she just told me.. "We'll bring that to the technician after you have enrolled!!"


That's still next week!!!! OOHhhhhh no!!!!

But actually, to tell you the truth, I can't do anything but to wait because I have no money! LOL!


(So why are you online now and able to make this post?)..Oh I forgot to tell you. sorry.. I'm using my uncles laptop now. I'm in his room and anytime he'll arrive so I'd better go!

'til next week mate!

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