Friday, June 13, 2008

The Summer Is Over, No It's Not!

OOWhh yes, summer has I think ended here in the Philipppines. Of course I don't know for some who still enjoy there vacation somewhere but for me, the wonderful days of freedom, liberty and adventure has come to an end.

Today is June, and I'm here sitting in my rrom wearing my eye glasses in order to have a clear view of my keyboard while I am writing this post. I can feel the devil's breathe outside our house penetrating every corner of my brain! And I mean it, today is really hot! I don't know why is this happening just after I survived the whipping scourge of hotness from April and May!

Anyway, so I'll just wanna tell you guys the ain purpose of this post, and that is to tell about how I spent my summe vacation. Maybe you'll end reading here after I said that but please, I beg you read this post! Lol!

I started when my friends planned and discussed about where are we going the have our On-the-Job Training. Almost all of us agreed that we must not leave each other. I mean, all of us ust have that training in the same institution, establishment or company. After a week of applying on different firms here in my place, my friends decided to have the training in a bank. Sadly, they just told me that we are qualified to have the training on that bank the night before we were instructed to report. Of course I was shocked because I wasn't really prepared about myself, my attire and other stuffs. So early morning after that night, alsmost all of my friends went to that bank and started their OJT and I was in the house wondering why they haven't told me that thing earlier. Somehow I feel betrayed but now, I'm okay. I am also about to finish my OJT later next week. No harm.

Another, thing that I love most about summer is meeting new friends from my neighborhood! I mean, those neighbors of mine who just go out of their houses every summer! Yes, we have that kind here. The unexpected bond we develop during the hot days is pretty much surprising considering that we were just strangers before. And the friendship where we are all tied with, somehow made the summer's hotness becomes cool!

Their are dozens of experiences I am encountering every summer and I cannot surely forget all those. Those memorable moments has somehow mold me not just a person, but a human.

Hope you enjoyed your summer too!

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