Thursday, May 22, 2008

That Size Issue

Wooh, I got now my size 6 "Althen" Slipper from Boardwalk that cost only Php 157.00!

Last week, I ordered this stuff from my aunt who is a dealer of direct selling companies like Boardwalk and ..others. First, I told my aunt to give me a size 10 after basing my other slipper that is also a size 10 and very well fitted to my foot (LOL). But then she told me after looking at my feet to order size 8 because this company has and "American" standard sizes. Meaning..BIG! So, I agreed and trusted her. Two days..ohw..make that three days later, she showed to me the size 8! Damn..I was shocked! It was so big!!! And on that very moment I realized how blind am I in this kind of stuffs (I mean ordering from direct sellers) thinking that size 10 slipper would fit me.

And so, I tell her to change that size 8 to 7 after fitting the size 8. After four days, she showed me the size I told her to bring me. was still big! It did not fit me.. I mean my foot..or feet. (LOL). And so I tell her to change the size 7 to size 6! After yesterday, I got my slipper! I tried fitting the slipper and was glad after changing all that stuff, size 6 fitted me!

Now, I am so happy to have my new slipper! Now I am ready for our outing this Sunday! *grin*

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