Thursday, May 22, 2008


I was born crazy! Very crazy! Oftentimes I'm talking to myself in the bathroom, keep on saying words to myself while walking around the house, singing songs to the highest notes even though I don't reach them while my siblings are covering their ears. Oops, but I have a good voice! : ).

Now, i'll use my blog for the first time as a witness and victim of me being crazy! I'll write words here that immediately came and dominate my mind just right after this sentence..OOhh.. they're coming....

hack, life, great, greet, nice, me, world, paris, mouse, computer, underwears, movies, korea, live, friends, coffe, biscuits, microphone, dolls, cars, green, share, pampers, candy, utang, load, check op, love, nice, me, you, us, crazy, hike, no, plastics, boys, people, smile, jump, sleepy, sweat, fig leaf, summer, OJT, flipt, cellphone....

and it stopped there...?!!??!

ohw there's more

cow, moo, never, again, bestfriend, love, never, life, love, love, love, internet, money, wake up, clothes, tribe, game, basketball, winner, up, hills, pools, photos, jpgmag, life, love, wires, extension wires, ID, love....

I'll stop now! I'm punishing my brains out! I'll stop! LOL.

See??! I'm crazy.

1 comment:

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