Thursday, May 22, 2008

Powerful Earthquake Claims Over 51,000 Lives (Today's Update)

A woman, left, cries as she consoles her relative who survived the earthquake from the devastated Wenchuan county after they air lifted at the Phoenix airbase in Chengdu in China's southwest Sichuan province, Thursday, May 22, 2008.(AP Photo/Andy Wong)

During these past days, I was already aware of what happened to China through my friends and other relatives. I thought during those earlier days, I already knew what really happened until I saw the news in TV Patrol World last May 19. My heart was jumping very fast while seeing the video of the survivors 20 seconds just after the first land's movement of the quake struggling for air and begging for help. I saw bloods all over their faces and body that made goosebumps all over my body. Yes, I had a teary eye while watching the news and realized I wasn't really completely aware of what is really going on.

Because I want to find out more about the updates of this incident, I searched the World Wide Web so be able to understand more! And just, I read one of the articles about the China Earthquake dated today, May 22, 2008. And yes, this is the latest update!

Right at this very moment, the confirmed number of lost lives rose to 51, 151 - a jump of 10,000 from the day before. There are still 29,328 people "or" bodies waiting to be found : (. And from may 12 up to this very date, 300,000 were nearly hurt. Another sad thing is, this sad disaster also left 5 million people homeless.

According to Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang, even though there were already 400,000 tents that were delivered, China still needs more than 3.3 million tents for those people who lost their houses and be able to survive the cold nights coming this June since it is the region's rainy season.

"We hope and welcome international assistance in this regard. We hope the international community can give priority in providing tents," Gang added.

China needs our help! All of us can do simple things like praying for those who died and for those who were left alone, cold and weary.


  1. This is so sad...

    I hope the victim's family will find comfort and strength despite of this tragedy.

  2. yes. and we will be praying for that! right?