Monday, May 19, 2008

David V.S. David in American Idol 7

Wow! American Idol Season 7 is almost on its way declaring its 7th grand IDOL! The next Tuesday night will sure mark a memorable event because of the two last men standing in this season! And yes, it'ds going to be DAVID v.s. DAVID!

David Archuleta, 17 year old guy, from Murray, UT, proved his worth and made his clear way to the big finale! His performances in this season was surely a hit one not just according to me, LOL, but also to all the fans of American Idol throughout the world! And ohw, not just the fans, but also the judges of the show!

David Cook, 25 year old man from Blue Springs, MO, also has grabbed the whole world's appreciation on his one of a kind voice! As a proof of his exellence, one judge commented: "See you at the finals!" And yes! Now, David wil be singing his last performance for this season tomorrow night on their finale!
All eyes and ears will be now ready to watch you guys perform tomorrow! Good Luck!

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