Saturday, January 10, 2009

Repair Your Credit Today!

Nowadays, we cannot deny the fact that there is bad credit or what we are considering as incorrect credit. In addition to that, it's already really alarming to hear that in reality, there are existing statistics of errors in credit reports. Here are the following:

79% of credit reports contain some type of error.
25% of all credit reports contain errors serious enough to result in the denial of credit.
29% of consumers have variances of 50 points or more in their credit scores as reported by each of the three major credit bureaus.
54% of credit reports contain personal demographic identifying information that was misspelled, long-outdated, belonged to a stranger, or was otherwise incorrect.
30% of credit reports contain credit accounts that had been closed by the consumer but incorrectly remained listed as open.

So with that, I think anybody who is affected by this error must really consider credit repair. In that process, for sure Ovation Credit Services can really help you as they already fix credit for many years already and is already trusted by their customers. So the next time you need help in your credit reports, try visiting Ovation's website to learn more.

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