Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am Full!

Sorry folks but I really just want to share to you what's up with me as of this moment! Hehehe. I just arrived home from school, very hungry and then immediately to the kitchen to check what's waiting for me there!

Glad to say, one of my favorite foods was there waiting there to be eaten by his master, ME! Hahaha. It was a chicken curry with a twist! Chicken curry with "kalamunggay!" Hehehe! And "malunggay" in Tagalog. Well, for those who do not understand "kalamunggay", well it's I think called Horse Radish in english...(well that one I suppose because my mother and friends told me that, that's the english term for that veggie..Hehehe).

Anyway, I also wonder it was called "HORSE" Radish! Maybe a radish for a horse?! Hehe. But we Filipinos eat that! Right?! Hehehe! It's pretty much delicious! Weehehe! And so that was it! I ate my dinner and it was so yummy! After around 10 minutes, I was done. I drank the iced tea prepared by my mom and everything was well. I was full!

Then washed the dishes after and turned on my computer! Hehehe!


  1. Wow, I am hungry while reading your post Mark.

    how are you na?

  2. one of my favs too c: and i really made it a point to learn how to cook it.now i can c: