Saturday, July 5, 2008


Oopps! Sorry! This Contest is temporarily Stopped. This will be back soon! Just read the rules if you want to join! Thanks!

Hi bloggers. Today July 5, 2008, 11:06 P.M. (UTC/GMT +8 hours), I am launching a new friendly competition for all blogs here in the blogosphere. This will be called, IDOL BLOG '08.

This popularity contest for all blogs is open for all! But before you can join, please consider and follow these simple instructions.

  1. Don't join if your blog is in line with pornography.

  2. Be sure my blog TIKLATON (this blog) is in your submitted blog's BlogRoll. Ask for exchange links in the CHATBOX (right side of the page) and I'll also add you up to make it fair. I'll select the nominees from MY BlogRoll so be sure to ask for exlinks! :)

  3. If you think your blog is in my BlogRoll already, that's fine! It'll be the start! Just be sure to check it and nominate it and have a greater chance to be chosen.

  4. To NOMINATE a blog or your blog, leave the URL and the blog title as a COMMENT on this post.

Rules and Guidelines

1.) Me, the author of this blog has the power to choose prospective blogs who deserve the title, however;

2.) YOU can also nominate your OWN or friend's blog if you think that blog deserves the title. If someone nominates a blog, I'll have to check it first and decide about it. Believe me when I say, THE SELECTION is NOT that STRICT! Please note that if you nominate your own blog and tell me that you want to join, your blog will have a great chance to be included in the nominees.

3.) Every week, TEN (10) lucky blogs will be chosen for the voting process. If your blog is chosen, you will then be informed so you can shout it to the whole blogosphere and let your friends vote for you!

4.) The owner of a nominated blog is REQUIRED to grab the badge below to increase awareness for all and be able to increase your blog's vote! To make it fair, the owner of a nominated blog MUST NOT grab the form's code. Tell your voters to come and visit this blog to vote! The form is in the upper-right of the page and visible enough for everybody!


Note: DO NOT grab this badge if you are not nominated.

5.) Voting process starts every Sunday of the week at 12:00 P.M. (UTC/GMT +8 hours) and ends on Saturdays at 9:00 P.M same time zone. You and your friends can vote for you ONCE per DAY! Announcement of winners will then follow after 30 minutes.

A VERY IMPORTANT reminder: Manipulating of votes by any means is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, however if you still do it, then YOU KNOW YOURSELF, you didn't get that number of votes and so YOU KNOW YOURSELF you don't deserve the title IDOL BLOG!

6.) Nominees will be ranked according to:

Online Votes: 7.5 points

Blog's Design: 1.0 points

Blog's Content: 1.0 points

Personal Choice: .5 points

TOTAL: 10 points

7.) Rank 1 will be given the title "IDOL BLOG '08" for that week an will be featured in this blog and will be added in the HISTORY! Hehehe! Rank2 and 3 will automatically be nominated for following week of voting process. The owners of these top three blogs can grab this badges.





1.) Don't grab this badges if you did not win in this contest.

2.) As much as possible, don't modify the code.

It is required to link back the badges to this blog.

3.) If you don't link back, you title will be
void and

will be passed on to the blog next to your rank.

8.) Just a request, if your blog is in the top three, PLEASE blog about this friendly contest so your blogger friends will know how you got the badge. Provide a link back to this blog. Lastly, (last request..hehehe), include the banner below in you post. Thank you! :)




  1. sure we can xlink you have a nice blog. I added you already in my blogroll hope you add me too soon...have a nice the way the contest is really cute you have here...

  2. great idea marky! can we join? :D

  3. Hey mark! nice job..
    I like the badges thingy.

  4. marky!!! omg! haha...napaka-asenso mo na talaga kaibigan! aw...hahahaha..may contest ka na...whew! iba na talaga ang nagagawa ng IT! Go SCS! aw... apil ko ani ha??? how do i nominate for myself? hehehehe... :D

  5. hi! i already added ur blog in my site. add me as well

  6. for xlinks?

  7. I'm nominating - Pinay Mommy Online

  8. nawala lang ako pansamantala, may pa-contest ka na!

    sana makasali photo blog ko next time:

    more power and congrats for being 2nd place dun sa isang contest. good luck sa next round! :)

  9. i would like to nominate my blog.

    hope makasali!!

  10. here's my url
    title: damuhan: tambayan ng mga pinoy sa walang hanggang kwentuhan

  11. i want to nominate pinoy teens online (search for teens in google.COM.PH or pinoy teens in any search engine :p
    idol ko gumawa nyan, bata pa

  12. I want to join this contest, is it possible? this is really great idea to keep your blog rolling..

    Here is my links

    Good luck and you've done a good job.


  13. ill give a shot! this is cool! keep it up marky!

  14. I wanna try this contest. here it is:

    Life Adventure of Dansoy

  15. let me in to this poll


  16. --

    An alien is trying to join.


    elyens poreber


  17. hope I can join this contest...look so exciting...heheheheh
    I was the one who first commented here yeheeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy..........

  18. Hi,
    I added your blog, please add my 3 blogs here.

    Thank you,



  20. hi Mark, kmusta iliganon! this is a cool contest of yours. hopefully somebody i will be one of the recepients of this award. LOL! bitaw, who knows. btw, i am sure i added in in one of my blogs but now i can't find your link. so pls update your bloglist with my 3 urls:

    andbtw, EB naman tayo oh basta di naka busy. am not so familiar with the insides of big IIT but u can drop by our small campus at MSH CMAFI. :) if anymore bloggers out there in your campus we could EB one of these days.

    see ya, Mark!

  21. ey guys!

    im kinda tired of being serious. can i join the fun here?

    here's my blog:

    I'll be glad if you can include me in the contest. tia!

  22. pa join

    sana makasali naman ako,bibo naman

  23. pasali


  24. aq din po!

  25. sounds like much fun!

  26. thanks for letting me join the poll, ngayon ko lang nakita...

  27. hi.....can i join here?? this is my site


    Into The Scorging Heat

  29. sali ako..^^
    micropono ni pey

  30. heloo added you already! sali nman ako dito pede?