Monday, August 18, 2008

Iligan City Now

It was this afternoon when our mayor announced that the classes tomorrow for all levels here in our place is suspended due to the present "unkind" commmotion happening. The said commotion started yesterday when to bombs exploded in two lounging houses here in Iligan. In addition, it was early this dawn when some neighboring municipalities of Iligan City were invaded by some MILF. The dark dawn a while ago has become even darker when some families were killed and some were evacuated away from the danger zone. The main roads connecting some parts of Mindanano passing through Lanao del Norte were temporarily closed because of the unsafe situation. Since Iligan is also included in the threat because of that bomb yesterday and has become one of the evacuating places for a number of people from the affected municipalities, Iligan City was announced to be under the state of calamity. Calamity not by nature but calamity brought by man! So because of that, a curfew starting tonight from 10PM to 5AM was imposed to ensure safety for all.

Right at this very moment, it's still quiet. I just don't know what will happen tomorrow. I'll just hope for the best and safety for everybody through prayers. I think that would be just the simple way I could do now.

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