Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bombing in Iligan City

I never realized how serious the situation right now about bomb scares here in my place until I heard a news about the bombing here in our city not so long ago. It was after when me and my sisters came out from the church to go to Gaisano Mall and saw that all people were hurriedly walking away from the mall. We were curious. We want to find answers so we listened to some adults chatting about what happened. We listened and realized that the bomb scare in Iligan was not any more a scare but a reality.

Now it's serious! There were two bombs exploded in the city. Are there dead? HHmmm..I'm not yet sure. But there were hurt. They were rushed to the hospital for medications and safety. I just can't tell you how many of them were affected or victimized by that bombing. (What mom?.. ... more than 10?), ooohh, my mother just told me now that there were more than ten that was hurt.

Oh no! Now it's serious. It's really serious! God help us! Protect us from harm and keep us away from danger! Bless all those bombers and I hope you will continue touching their hearts! Keep us safe! We believe in you God!

Keep safe everyone!


  1. dili unta madayon ang goongon na pag atake sa MILF diri sa linamon para naatay peadec and harmony.

  2. kita q sa news..hayyyy grabe najud! dri pod sa amu triple red alert pod.. be safe!

  3. May lightning strike those bombers. Justice is for their bombs to explode while they and their handlers are plotting and huddling.