Thursday, October 2, 2008

Washed Some of my Clothes Today

Yes you read it right. I am the one who is washing my own clothes. Who else would do that? If you will answer "your mom!", of course not. But I admit when I was young, she used to wash it but now that I'm a little bit older, whether I like it or not, I have to wash my own garments. As far as I can remember, I started washing my own clothes when I was in my first year in high school. Back then, I wash my school uniforms and other clothes. Whew, I know almost all of you would agree when I say, washing clothes with or without washing machine is a tiring task. Right? That's why sometimes I only choose the clothes that I will wash for that particular session and choose clothes just enough that I have something to use whenever I go to school. Crazy huh? That's what I did just a while ago. Hahahaha. And oh, right now, my hands are actually aching (*sobbing). Actually, I just used my hands in washing some of my clothes today! That's why, I am having this mild bruises in my fingers and hands. But the pain is bearable so you don't have to worry. I will get better.

For the meantime, let me share to you some cool comics about blogs. I found this one while dropping my EC cards (thank God I finished my 600 today). I laughed my brains out when I was reading this LOL comics! Check it!

Too Much Blogging = Tumor

Meeting the (Non-Blogging) Parents

The Cast Away Blogger

If Only Blogging Were Easy…

Cool huh? My favorite is the third one! LOL! What's yours?
For more just click the pictures! Enjoy!


  1. ow thats a great set of cartoons. I guess what this shows is that even while washing your clothes all you were thinking about was your blog!!

    Anyway its a nice blog keep it up!

  2. this is great i'll post this too c: