Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Cousin was Robbed

Stealing - Tiklaton
Last night, my cousins went to a resort to have a night swimming together with my other relatives. I didn't go with them because I wasn't feeling well. The resort has this swimming pools with natural spring waters in it and very much ideal for family outing and gatherings. So they went there and the story begins.

My sister told me that they were in this cottage and put all their baggage there. Some of them were already swimming and some were just sitting on that area to prepare their foods. There's this guy who always went to my cousin to light his cigarette. Because my cousin was not suspecting him of something he just let it. That guy was coming back all over and over again to their cottage and to my cousin to do the same thing - light his cigarette. After some hours, out of carelessness, all of them went to the pool and nobody  was left in their cottage. Even though the pool was just some meters away from their cottage, nobody noticed what happened. At that point, they thought, the incident happened.

The night was getting deeper and they decided to went home. Right at that moment, my cousin noticed that his bag was lost. All of them panicked and was thinking so hard where it was. After several hours, they have concluded that the bag was stolen. My cousin as the owner of that thing was so sad and angry of what happened. To think that, that bag contains his driver's license, cellphone, and money, he was really upset. At that moment also, they suspected that the guy who was always getting closer him got the bag. That was so sad. My cousin will go through the tedious process of getting a driver's license again and all those sentimental values of the things stolen will be a burden in the feelings of my cousin.

So I just told them that God wants them to learn from that experience. I told them we should always realize that God has a better plan and next time we should always be careful.


  1. "dont talk to the stranger" is also sometimes good when the things like these happened.thats really sadnews...kaya tuloy hirap na magtiwala kahit minsan di masama ang ibang tao napapasama dahil sa mga taong ganito.

  2. yayks! trust nobody if it is a stranger!

  3. It is really sad to hear about the robbery. It is always advisable to be more careful in the place outside our home

  4. sorry to hear that,,
    we must be more carefull everywhere and everytime ^^

  5. hmmm.. thats is the problem sometimes.. lalo sa public places.. specially sa mga pools.. dapat talaga.. may nagbabantay.. para secured..

  6. sorry to hear this story...ingat talaga dapat on our valuables specially pag nasa public walang pinipili si magnanakaw!