Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thinking of the Future

I am almost done with my 4-year Information Technology course now and I am really excited of what will happen on the day after my graduation. Even before, I always think that "future" starts on the day after I've marched down the isle of the gymnasium of our university to receive my diploma! Crazy huh?! But that's only my idea. And so yeah... What will happen next? Will I find a good job to sustain my everyday needs? How can I have that job? Are their any easy ways to get good jobs? The answer is I think YES!

I was browsing a while ago in some sites that are home for those job seekers today and in the future. In here you can search resumes for free and find jobs for free! And so I browsed that site and realized it was really helpful! From then on, I learned that I can upload my resume there and then potential employers can do free resume search and maybe consider me as a candidate for a particular job! I tell you, it's so easy. Also, potential employers can search here some California Resumes and New York Resumes all for free! So go on, search resumes free now!

By the way, the site is called YouInterviewMe.com and their goal is to become the biggest free job networking and search site!


  1. hi marky!

    are you fourth year now? wow.. that's great..

    do you want to work in an office, or work at home?

    you have lots of choices... but I think it depends on your preference

    start taking employment exams...

    good luck :-)

  2. You can also search resumes for free at :