Monday, September 29, 2008

Badminton is a Great Exercise

Badminton is a Great Exercise - Tiklaton
It's been a long time now since the last time I played badminton with my friends and relatives. Every weekend, we usually wake up early, jog for a while and then start hitting that shuttlecock. But during this past weeks, we can't find anymore that free time to play the game. It was sad.

But today was something different! Some of my cousins brought out their badminton rackets and other accessories and they invited me to play the sport. Of course since I love the game so much, I said 'yes!' And so we played. While playing I felt my arms, muscles, feet and my whole moved! I knew it was a good sign that my body was again stretched after a couple of months that it has been frozen. The whole game was tiring but it was worth the pain and sweat.

As we all know, badminton basically tests our agility. Meaning, this sport will demand us to move our bodies quickly with rhythm and coordination. This sport will challenge our skills in fast thinking. And of course, badminton can be a great way in strengthening that close bond with you and your friends and families! So a while ago, I was really happy playing that game again!

You? Have you played any sport lately? I hope yes because a sport like badminton can be a great exercise for you and for the one you loved!


  1. I played badminton on a weekly basis and it is indeed a demanding sport

  2. What a fun post! Whenever family gets together we oftentimes end up playing bocci ball, croquet, or volleyball. These times are always a lot of fun. May have to try badminton.

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  3. When I was living in Malaysia, I had the opportunity to play badminton twice a week, although one of those was teaching the other players. I was also getting one or two sessions of squash in, and an couple of hours of futsal too!
    I enjoyed doing these far more than going for a run or spending time in the gym.
    Since I've got back to the UK though, I've had to stop all sports to deal with the real life hassles!

  4. My family had a BBQ on Sunday even though it was pretty cold and overcast that afternoon. We played badminton in the backyard, helped everyone keep warm.

  5. i know that there are very good players in Iligan. My badminton doubles partner comes from that place. We've won many games together, but never a champ.

  6. Nice site, mate! I really can't figure out why I don't excel in any sport. Bleh! It's okay though, what I would like to do now is to workout. I'm on the slim side so I need to bulk up. Hehehe... Hoping to exchange link with you...