Sunday, September 28, 2008

Check Your Posts

Blogging has truly made a difference in the Internet age. Through blogging, an ordinary person can express, tell stories, create impressions and many many more and readers learn and understand! Through, blogging advertisers can increase their sales and all that! With blogging, these two parties work together to achieve that thing called - 'success.'

The very basic form of creating buzz about a certain product of an advertiser, as we all know is through paid posts. Advertisers gave 'us' this tasks in order for them and us to benefit at the same time. Now, bloggers listen. Most of the advertisers from different Online Marketing Sites are very particular with our posts, the spelling, the grammar and the harmony and how we connect it with our own experiences. I think with all those factors, grammar and spelling are the most important right? So with that, let me share to you a little help about an online spell and grammar checker called This is so quick! All you have to do is paste the text of your post to the textbox in that site, and then hit Spell Check! The system will then check for misspelled words and wrong grammars in your post. The good thing is, they will give some suggestions on what to replace the identified wrong words and grammars! Cool huh?!

Okay, I am not saying that this online spell checker is perfect, but I must tell you that this kind of tool really help bloggers, students and anyone who are not confident enough with what they write!

Just sharing this in case you need it, because I admit it, I need it sometimes... Hehehe. LOL! Happy life!


  1. how about a spell checker for Tagalog? haha.. just kidding.. thanks for the info..

  2. I'm using msword spellchecker, but this one is a good tool as well. Well, the more tool the merrier.. hehehe..
    Thanks po for voting.. vote again :] abuso ano? hehehe