Thursday, October 2, 2008

Doing Some Chores Again!

When I was young, like any other kids, I used to be free. I used to play a lot with my toys together with my siblings but not until I turned 13. I can always remember what my mom told me about some responsibilities with regards to household chores. At first, she let me understood that a house must be kept clean for a better living and that, me as a son MUST help her to make it happen. As a young boy, she taught me of watering the plants, cleaning my own room and other chores that she thought I am capable of doing of.

Now I am twenty and sad to say, I still have to do these household chores and help my mother maintain the "decency" of our home. To tell you, I just finished watering the plants outside, mapping the floors, washing the dishes from last night that includes cleaning the kitchen sinks and washing my own clothes! Can you believe that? That was so tiring I tell you but I think it's fine. I cannot do anything since those are assigned tasks that must be completed! At least I can help my mom and somehow maintain not just the cleanliness in our home but also the strong bond that tied us up together!

Happy life everybody!


  1. but chores can be fun!

  2. As you grow older, you will realize there are more difficult tasks to do that you really must do --more difficult than washing and cleaning clothes and the house. But we have to do it because it's our responsibility and because if nobody does it , who will? We are to do it to become ourselves responsible for things that we need to be responsible of.
    Enjoy your weekend Mark.