Saturday, October 11, 2008

Laundry Day

Sad to say, it's laundry day! It's been three weeks now that I haven't washed ALL my dirty clothes. In the past days, whenever I have nothing to wear anymore, I only choose the clothes that I am going to wash. In that case, other used clothes will just stay longer in my laundry box. Hehehe.

So today I decide to wash it all! As in...ALL of it. And then a while ago when I got all that dirty stuff out in the container, I can't believe of what I saw. Wow..there were MANY of them. I thought this is going to be tiring work for today. After that, I prepared the washing machine and others. Feeling some muscle pain due to some school activity yesterday, I thought I need someone who can help me wash all my clothes, or maybe..need someone who can wash it for me. So I remembered immediately my neighbor who used to wash my mother's clothes when she's tired. My mother will just pay her for washing her clothes and so I thought of doing the same. I called my neighbor and she went over. She saved my day! Yipee! Happy Weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Done with your laundry? :]
    Ganyan din ako nung students days ko hahaha..
    iiponin ang mga labahin until wala ng maisuot..hehehe
    Happy sunday?