Monday, October 13, 2008

The Guy With a Canadian Flag

This is my brother. He had this school project where in he was tasked to make a flag of any member of the United Nations. I think that was a project in History and all that. At first, I saw him cutting those red colored papers. After that, he then asked me a favor to search for the flag of Canada so he can copy the leaf in the middle of it. Of course, as a supportive brother, I then opened my favorite search engine Google and keyed in the keywords "Canada Flag." The results were plenty so it was not hard for us to draw that leaf in the middle. At first, he asked me to draw it for him but I refused to do so. I suck at drawing and that he must know it before I'll ruin everything! LOL. So he did the job alone after I told him that I don't know how to draw. He was not mad at me and I was thankful about it. Me too, I thought he would not be mad at me though. Hehehe. There were already great times before that me and my brother had this bonding time together and this making of that Canadian Flag is an addition. After he finished making the flag, I helped him attached the stick in the corner for him to hold whenever they'll be asked to wave it in a little parade at school. So I can say I still helped him! : ) I wonder why my brother did not make the Philippine Flag... hhhm... maybe he just wanted something unique.

Having something like this, bonding with siblings, is I think one of the best things in life! Enjoy your week everyone!

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