Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Had a Great Weekend

I guess you have already observed that I wasn't able to update this blog last weekend, right? Actually, the very reason I wasn't able to do so was that, my family and I traveled for about 83 kms and went to my cousin's place in Cagayan de Oro city, a neighbor city of Iligan where we live. It was Saturday afternoon when we headed off to the bus terminal. At exactly 2:30, the bus departed from that area and off we go to the city of Golden Friendship. While we were traveling, I saw the excited faces of my younger brother and my two sisters. Mom was okay and was just smiling but dad wasn't able to com with us for some personal reasons. And so the travel was smooth. After about 1 and a half hours, we arrived at the city's terminal and we then went to an office which I totally forgot the name and my mom talked to someone for about thirty minutes, it was some sort a teaching stuffs and then we continued our journey.

First we went to Limketkai mall.We stayed there for about an hour and a half strolling and all that stuff. The mall was big and I am just sad though that I wasn't able to bring a digicam. But anyway, to continue, we then went to Gaisano mall and stayed there for about two hours. There I bought my mom a brown pants and my sister a jeans. My younger brother was asking for a pack bag but when we went to the bags section, we were not able to find a cool bag so he told me that we'll just have to look in the other stores.

The night was becoming deep when we went to a place called Divisoria of better known for the people there as "night cafe" where barbecue stalls, RTW stalls and fruit stands located and circling the city's plaza. The place and night was on the rock with the rocking band in plaza's stage. All of us were hungry so we decided to eat in a barbecue stall. The eating moments was fast (sign of hunger..LOL). We paid the bill and then stroll around. Luckily, we found cheap colored jeans. My other sister asked if I can buy the yellow one for her. Of course since I also want her to be in the trend, I bought her one. She was so happy. Hehehe. After that we continued our walk and bought some cheap stuffs such as pouch bags, shoes, shades, sandals and many others. We were so happy because the goods there was affordable and we were able to buy many.

Nine thirty PM, we decided to go home. OOppss, not in our house but in my cousin's place. When we arrived at there house, they were shocked for the unexpected visit. However, they were still happy that we visited them and the same with us, we were also very happy to have a little shopping in their city before we went to their house. That experience was truly memorable.

I still have a nice story to tell about a young guy who sells peanuts in the terminal. I was touched by hi words... what was it? I will post it here soon.

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  1. did I make amistake on something? Divisoria Night Cafe? wow, Am I gone in the Philippines that long? I want to see that
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