Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Ate Joy's Birthday! myspace graphic comments

It's my online ate's day! Hello ate JOY! Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you all the best! I know you've been blessed because you are so good to your family, friends and of course to me! Hehehe! Thanks kaayo ate sa tanan! 

I can still remember when I first know ate Joy at SocialSpark. I had this feeling that she will be my good friend and it did happened! Actually, she also told me that the feeling is mutual. She told me that "gaan daw iya loob sa ako" and so I was happy. Right then on, she gave me advices about blogging because I was still a newbie at that time. We disscuss things like how she loves her family here in the Philippines and her wonderful family there at California. Oh, her two young sons are adorable! As friends, of course I also reciprocate to share some of my daily experiences and school life. We primarily keep in touch through our YM. Thanks ate Joy and Happy Birthday!

So here are ate Joy's blogs.

Everything That has Breathe Praise the Lord
Wife of a Warrior


  1. hi marky, ok, i tried making the image smaller but i got this message from socialspark :
    Post did not contain required assets.Missing asset: /uploads/socialspark/public/assets/321/Boudiche-Image---La-Perla-_.jpg
    saan ko i-insert to? waaahhhh!