Friday, September 12, 2008

A Little Help

I recently noticed that SOME of my fellow bloggers put LARGE opportunity images in their blogs that actually don't fit the width of the main posts section column. With that, the image ruined the smooth display and some text in their blogs. And so I thought to share some of my basic knowledge in HTML on how to resizes images. Here it is:

First of course you will be provided with a code right? So paste it in your post. The code will look something like this:
Some codes also will look like this:
So all you have to add in the code to resize the image is:

You can actually customize the value of height and width of the picture depending on the width of your main posts column and the height you desired. Just be sure not to ruin the image by over resizing it. Make the values proportional so the image will still look great.

Lastly, don't worry about this action, it will still pass on advertiser's review. I've tried it. MANY TIMES.

Hope this helps.


  1. To make it easier you can just click the picture/graphic for the small corner boxes to show up then just drag it to your desired size.

  2. o nice. i wonder if you can help me with some code problems. see i am trying to develop a blogspot page but the problem is i do not know how to adjust the size of the body of the page when i test post, the post occupies the whole page, even overlaps with the sidebar! help! and o i've linked you up already.