Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Fly Swatter

Bored? Hehehe..Of course I will never run out of exciting stuffs and games that you could try to relieve your tension maybe. After your busy work, you can try this game for you to enjoy. Though this game involves timing and accuracy, this is still fun-filled! Actually, this game is in real-life scenario where in you are to chase those annoying flies that might ruin the display of your foods and even cause you infectious disease. Now is the TIME to chase them! Let's take revenge! Hehehe.

Instructions from me. (I had this screenshots to make it clear).

1. Grab the "fly weapon." (I don't exactly what's that stuff..hehhee).

2. Start chasing those annoying creatures and KILL them through your weapon by simply clicking it. Ooopps, don't you think it's simple as that! Like in reality, flies do fly quick and so they are in this funny game.

3. After you killed all ten flies, hang your weapon in its original location where you got it to stop your time.

4. After that, see your score!

Hope you will enjoy this one! So you can play this game HERE. Come back here in my blog for more updates. Enjoy!

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