Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Almost December but...


It's been a week I think that I am feeling this very uncomfortable HOT feeling. Hehehe. To tell you, I am really affected with this one since I usuall goes home during lunch. Definitely, it's around 11:30 - 1:30, most probably...that's hot you know! Not just that, I also usually have my afternoon nap before going back to school and it's still very hot! While lying on the floor, where I usually take my nap, I can always feel the unforgivable hotness from that yellow thing up there! LOLz.

I ask my family and close friends also how they feel about the whethear and they answered the same. They told me that the heat is so irritating. Today, they told me that they are always having a headache and other illness related to heat. Me too, I am always having a headache because of the heat. Now, what went wrong with the world? Is this a sort of punishment? Lolz.... Of course we knew the answer from the very beginning. We knew what causes the world to continue increasing its temperature. So now I should say.... Let's stop this! Let's save this planet...Hehehe... SERIOUS Promise..! Go for a Greener Earth!

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