Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Lherny's Birthday!

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Hello! Just wanna share about someone who is celebrating her birthday today! Actually, this special someone is part of our family for a year now. I know she's still a new member but during that one year, all other members of the family have already attached their hearts to this special one.

I can still remember the day when she was brought here in our house. She was so cute and little back then. I totally remembered her charm when she was still young. And now it's official. One of the most unique member of our family is celebrating her birthday today! Her name is actually Lherny! We chose that name for her so that... hhmm... I don't know. Maybe we just wanted it to sound like LEARNING. Hehehe. And so here she is... our one-year old "half-bisaya" and half-pekinese DOG!

Happy first birthday cutie!


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