Thursday, September 25, 2008

Burgers For My Family

Hello everybody! Just want to share something! : )

After my class today, I decided to go to the city to buy something as a take home for my family. I was choosing among the burgers from Big Ben, a local fast food and the very famous Mc Burgers. First, I decided to buy some burgers from Big Ben because of the following reasons. One, I love the size of the burger, it's huge. Second, I love the taste actually. Third, I love the cheese in it..hehhee and lastly, I just love it. FYI, the burger in Big Ben costs I think that 36 pesos each. Now, as I was walking towards Big Ben, I felt someone was calling me from a nearby. It was the light coming from the well illuminated newly-opened Mc Donald's here in my place. So a thought immediately came into my mind saying... why not try the Mc Burgers?! Considering the fact that my whole family haven't eaten yet on that newly opened Mc Donald's, I though they would be very happy to eat Mc Burgers when I get home. Also, I finally decided to take home the Mc Burgers because of the following reasons. One, it's only 27 pesos, cheaper than the Big Ben burger. Two, just want to take home also the name "MC DONALD's".... LOLz. Hehehe. So I bought four. When I got home, they were very happy eating the burgers not knowing that I considered some factors before I finally made up my mind on what brand of burger I would give them! Hahaha! But I was so sure that they'll both love Big Ben and Mc Donald's burgers.. they eat any kind, just like me! Hahaha.

Happy blogging and God bless your family!

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