Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lessons Learned for Today

I was with my friends for almost eight hours today. Of course we attended our morning classes and were very happy because our professor didn't give us another nosebleed-causing exam! LOL. Anyway, after that early class, we decided to go to the mall to somehow release some stress caused by various projects demanded by our "great" professors from our major classes. Whew... and so we went to the mall.

As usual, we saw people wandering around just like us in the early morning mall hours! Hehehe. We were walking and looking around and noticed some small changes in the mall. We observed that there were already seats in the wide corridors of that specific mall and we were so happy about! Now we can stay for a while and sit there looking for other wanderers. My one friend brought out his HP DigiCam, I just don't know what the exact model name of that cam was but I tell you... that gadget is so awesome! I like it very much. I am just sad though for I cannot afford it! So moving on, yah, we took pictures of ourselves. From the seats where we are resting, to the kitchen wares area, to the maternity dresses stalls, to the most expensive t-shirts' location, to the children's toys area and many more. At ages 20 to 21, we were like one of those annoying kids running around in the mall! Hehehe. But because of that experience, I learned something and that is, age really doesn't matter! Age isn't a hindrance on the things that you'd like to do! When you like to run around the mall, go ahead! Of course, someone will look at you but definitely, he can't do anything. I learned that, every single moment we spend with our friends is one of the best times of our lives! The smiles, the giggles, the laughs and truly priceless! Memories like those of mine are one of the best memories that I must keep until I grow old. I learned that, after all the school's freaking demands, there are friends that will definitely share there sweetest memories with you!

Hope you and your friends will have a great and crazy time together!
Happy Life!

I will post some of our pics here...soon.

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