Monday, September 22, 2008

Bingo Moments

I was lying in my bed late this afternoon before I went to school to attend my afternoon major class. Suddenly, I remembered a moment in the past with my friends playing Bingo in our living room. During my grade school days, yes that young, we were already playing Bingo in my house. My other "young" friends often went to my place almost every afternoon after class just to play our favorite game. And also, the winners get the prize most often! The losers will suffer! From what? Hehehe. Actually, the winners will have to put some powdered charcoal in the losers face! The more you loose, the more your face gets darker! LOL. That was a sure fun for all of us!

Now, I was surfing the Internet and found some related or should I say, "the same" game with a twist like what my friends used to play when we were young. I found this Disney Bingo that is obviously not just for adults but basically for children! Disney Bingo is actually designed so that your children or maybe your siblings can play with you this exciting Bingo game as the same time they can learn about matching strategies, numbers and colors! Cool isn't it? So if you have that good heart to purchase this game for your kids especially for Christmas, just go to or and let your kids experience what you have enjoyed before!


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