Monday, September 22, 2008

Mom is Attending Teacher's Night!

Right now, as I am writing this post, the whole house is so quiet. My younger brother is sleeping already because he has to wake up early for his early class, my father is also sleeping now because he isn't feeling well, my two sisters...hhhmmm...they are not here yet! Both of the girls went to the university where I am studying to attend the Teacher's Night here in my city. FYI, the Teacher's Night is for all the teachers, grade school and high school, all over the city. Definitely many of my mentors also is there for sure. Since my mother is a grade school teacher, she is also attending that event as of this moment like I said, together with my two sisters. Maybe the party is also open for some children of the attending teachers so basically that's why my sisters went too.

Well for me, that kind of event is very much great since it gives our mentors a night where in they can socialize with other people with the same profession. With that, they can be freed of the bunch of paper works they have to finish. Also, they will get rid out of those idiots or should I say "unhuman" students that are surely giving them wrinkles and headache. Isn't it good to think that our teachers can relax just for this event?! In addition, let me just point out also that I think, teaching is one of the BEST profession in life. With teachers, come the BIG names in the field of business, medicine, Internet and all other professions. Without teachers who taught these successful beings, those BIG names are no one. So I think it is just right to say Thank You to those who taught us the A B C s and additions... because without them, we will always be afraid to face the world!

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