Sunday, September 21, 2008

BUSY: Weekend and the Coming Week

This weekend was kind of busy for me. Together with my friends and classmates, we all have to finish some school task and the bad thing is, we have to stay awake all night just to finish it. Although we thought of making and solving those school stuffs in daytime but we really can't make it. We also have other things to finish at daytime and others for nighttime. Haaayyy, I am really tired. I never imagined before while I was still in high school that being in college like what I'm experiencing now is tough and demanding. Basically, college needs more of your time and needs you more that you need yourself! Am I making sense here?! Anyway, yah...right now, I am almost sleepy. But since I really want to share these experiences with you so I am still awake at this moment and writing this blog post.

Saturday morning, I tried to finish a program as one of my project in my Operating System major class. Saturday afternoon, glad that I was still able to go to the city and bought something. Saturday night, Paul, my thesis mate came over for overnight for us to finish the three chapters of our thesis. Sunday morning, I made some critical thinking and analyzing about our other project for our other major subject. Sunday afternoon, another groupmates from different subject came over for us to finish another school work. Men...that was so tiring! I am freakin' stressed out already. Hehehe..

And for this coming week, I still got a lot of things to do. Project defenses, major projects, laboratory stuffs, thesis proposal defense and more... and more... and MORE! So I'll better be ready for the coming week! All for now! See yah!

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