Sunday, August 3, 2008

This Blog Won a Customize Lay-out!

It seems the good world this week is in favor of me since I've won a lot of contests. From my school to the blogoshpere and anywhere!

And so, I want to THANK YOU all for supporting this blog for this to win the customize lay-out by Ate Carlota of Dashing Smiles! The total number of votes I got was unbelievable because of YOU! I am really thankful and I really appreciate it!

To Ate Joy, the Wife of a Warrior for always encouraging me to do good in blogging and for being such a good friend!
To Kadamo, for supporting me and to his gang.
To Ate Carlota for giving me the chance to join her contest! : )

And to OTHERS, friends, you know who you are! Just tell me if you need my help so I can help you too in some ways! Again thanks a lot!

The NEW lay-out will be installed soon!


  1. Congratulations! Not just on the new layout but on everything that you've won this week. You deserve them! =)

  2. congratulations marky! you're welcome :)

  3. gosh- finally mitunga ang inline comment lang ta ug figure out kay bisan unsaon nako ug tuyok dili man mo inline mo-tuyok man hahaha. bitaw congrats once again and you are very welcome. hope you like your new layout.

  4. congrats to the winner.. how i wish i win too...

    sumali rin ako isa sa mga template contest kaso d ako nanalo...awww..

    but its ok...ganun tlaga.

  5. Hala congrats nimo. Ang imong nadaog kaning green na layout? Nice baya. Favorite color pud nako ang green. Hehe. Congrats! :)

  6. weeee...congrats! you deserve the prize. i'm so happy for you!

    btw,, thanks for visiting korean food.

  7. Congrats to you, Marky! You're so blessed. Lots of winning moments huh?! Keep it up, young man!
    I kept voting for you though you haven't linked me yet.

  8. Congratulations! Nice layout u've got.

  9. Hey. Nice layoutout! congratulations for winning!

  10. helow po! hmmm, if it's not too much to ask, can you help me with my blogging endeavor? i'm a newbie. things are becoming so overwhelming. i don't really know how to go about this whole thing. i also want to earn like you, and the others, do. i got my own domain. so what am i to do next? honestly, i'm confused... where and how can i get a page rank???? please, please,please help. :(
    thanks a lot.i'd appreciate ur response. :)

  11. hey..congratzzzz to you my friend...:)

  12. Hi Marky, congrats and thanks for visiting my site. Sure we can xlinks. PLease buzz me when your done adding my 4 sites and I will be happy to link you back. Have a great day to you
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  13. i can't believe taga MSU IIT ka..heheh.. how long have you been blogging? cguro una pako.. but am so happy to have found another blogger from the same school where i came from.. yup MSU-IIT..

    curious ko how much money you've been earning.
    drop by at my blog..


  14. wow naman!!!new look na pala dito...congrats marky....