Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NAWONG NAH? (Is that a face?)

LOL. That was the words that suddenly came out from us when we saw the captured moments when we were performing our pop dance piece. Almost all of us, members were laughing our brains out when we saw our faces full of excitement of a hundred-percent showmanship! LOL. Maybe that was one of the reasons why we won. Because of the great showmanship we gave our audience! The pictures surrounding this post are the shots from our recent pop dance competition where we won the first place!

FYI, the competion was just help in the front of our college/school building. The governor of our college told me when I asked him about the location and he said some other colleges/schools were lucky to be the first one reserved our big gymnasium and other more desirable locations. Well, we just accepted that since we want also to help our college minimizing the expenses!

And so after I think the Interpretative Dance Contest, the Pop Dance followed. We were assigned to be the second performer following, ESET, one of our college's department. Since the show was LIVE, there were technical difficulties happened causing some delays on the performances especially to the first one. Lucky ofr us that we have tested our CD before the program started and so we perform smoothly! LOL.

Although all of us, performers gave our very best and like any other contests, there will always be on the top and some will just follow in the rank. And so here's the ranking of the Pop Dance Competition.

Information Technology Dept: 1st Place

Electronics Communications Eng'g Dept.: 2nd Place

Computer Science Dept.: 3rd Place

We were so happy then. After all the muscle pains (pama-ol) and super tiring practice, we flew ourselves to the top and made it to the number one spot! And oh, before I forgot, our college governor told us that the school level competition for Pop Dance will be this coming August 30. We just don't know if that is already confirmed, but we'll just keep our flame sparking and continue practicing until that big day arrives. Wish us luck!


  1. cool costumes! congratulations! by the way, the layout is really nice but it loads really slow considering i have a 1mb speed.

  2. wow IT studes! galing2 tlaga ng mga IT! anyway, congrats!

  3. wow it's nice to see another blogger with a passion in dancing! ... mabuhay!

  4. yeah i agree on bino too ... nice layout and all but i think you've over done it with all the widgets and other chorva on the sides ... it take awhile to load up! :D even with broadband! :D

  5. humahataw ka pla LOL:).. tongue out ah ayos :)