Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Leaving my Teenage Years

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Oh yes. It's so sad to know that I'll be leaving my teenage years any moment from now. It's 11:45 PM (Philippine Time) here and for about fifteen minutes, I'll be turning 20! But to tell you honestly, I am still thankful to our Lord Jesus for giving me the chance to live this long!

Becoming 20 I know would still be the same as I am 19. I know there are still things and other stuffs that will remain but I also know that each one of us must move on and so I have to accept the fact that there would somehow be changes. Changes in emotions, choices, decisions and etc. that would surely affect my daily living. Despite this, I will still keep a promise to myself that in order for me to look younger and healthier, I should think young and be young at heart all the time even though I am not anymore a teenager.

I know teenage life was carefree but I also think that being at 20's is a sure new twist and adventure that would I know, rock my world and improve more of me and the things that surround me.

I know as life moves on, we become old but we also become more wise!



  1. Happy, Happy birthday mark, Hope you have a wonderful birthday and I know that you are happy. My wish is good health and abundant blessings from God.. God bless and may you have more birthday's to celebrate. You are not a teenager anymore,... hehehe Ulit na jud ka nga TAWO hahaha

  2. Happy happy Birthday. Wishing you all the best.