Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ready, Set, Download!

Hey music and ringtone downloaders, I have good news for you. There's this website called Altnet.com an "all you can eat" destination where you can download as much music as you want! Sounds interesting right? The amazing thing is, they don't have this "pay per song" policy but instead they will just charge you a LOW monthly fee! Meaning, as long and anytime you want it, you can download your favorite artist's songs and ringtones. Altnet now has over 1.5 million track catalogues with CD quality sound that you can download WITHOUT limit! Another good thing is that, Altnet will give a  Free 7 Day Trial so you can try their amazing service. Before you will raise that eyebrows let me just tell you that the site is fully legal and endorsed by all major record companies! So what are you waiting for, try the Free 7 Day Trial now and see how much music you can "eat" on that span of time!

Sponsored by Altnet.com

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