Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Natal Day!

Today is August 6, 2008 (Philippines) and it's actually my birthday! Lol. Oh Od, I can't believe I am still breathing right on this very moment. I am really happy because I reached this age!

I woke up a while ago and found two text messages in my cellphone from two of my closest friends, Edz and Gorgeous. I don't know why my other friends did not text me?! Maybe they have no load (kuripot...LOL). Anyway, I really really thank you guys for remembering my natal day.

I would like also to thank ate JOY, for giving me two gifts today! I really liked it! Hahahahaha! It's a wonderful feeling waking up realizing you are receiving something from a friend! Thanks ate Joy!

I don't know what will happen later when I go to school. I'll just hope for the best!

Good Morning!


  1. Happy birthday Marky, may you have all the best in life, reach your goals and have a healthy living all the time!

    had given you your gifts hehehe.... tipirin mo yan..

    Ate Rose

  2. happy birthday, Marky! hope you'll have more blessings to come!