Thursday, August 28, 2008

Extraordinary Tables

Tables are one of the most used furniture pieces in the house. We eat, work, and play on them. Designers have been paying special attention to table designs that help increase our productivity and spice up our decor. Some are highly techy and others are just aesthetically beautiful and simply bizarre. Some designs are space saving designs for limited spaces or huge 55 meter long tables and portable cardboard tables for designers and students. Others with integrated living plants and romantic fire and there are also a few environmentally friendly designs to keep things on the green side. So take a look and be amazed.

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  1. Nice chairs. Hope they can withstand the weight when sit upon

  2. cool creations,can i feature this and link it back to you c:

  3. I love the styles but too stylish for me.. This will look so good on big houses.. Happy weekend Marky..
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  4. Indeed, it is an extraordinary tables..

    how are u Mark?