Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Clear Blue Sky

I woke up early today to prepare for my 7:30AM class. I don't want to be late considering that we had a long vacation last week because of some "unworldly" people who destruct the peace and order situation here in my place. And so I took a bath early ( was cold!), ate my breakfast and then check my e-mail and this blog then went to school. I usually pray while walking every morning to school and today was still the same. I prayed for guidance and safety for all of my loved-ones and friends. While I was praying, I noticed the sky was painted with clear blue with an accent of feather-like elements that is really pleasant to see. I smiled and then told myself that today is gonna be great day! I felt it and I believed it.

So far as of this moment, it is indeed a great day. I can hear the birds singing in their own ways, can hear the giggles of the children in a Day Care Center just beside our house. farm this day has been so wonderful! I hope nothing and no one will ruin this day later! Keep safe everyone!

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