Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Advent of Technology

Wahahah! I was browsing the web a while ago and landed into a page called Fun and Laugh! From the name of the site itself, what can you expect to see there?!...Yap! LOL. Of course funny stuffs and all that! So let me just share to you some pictures I got there.

And oh, FYI, these pictures are related to computers and at the same time with technology! So here it is:

    Portable Computer eh?!                 A New Way to Copy File?! LOL.                 
Wow! For Bloggers! Joke!
and this is my ultimate favorite...tadahhh!
So we'll call this situation - REVENGE! 
Happy blogging!


  1. i LOVED the 2nd and last one googs :)) HAHA. wag naman sana gawin saten ng mga daga yan :))