Thursday, July 31, 2008

Say It Your Way


Communication is definitely one of the best ways to keep the burning flame of love and connection to your family, relatives and friends continue even though they are millions of miles away! With all these new technology available, we all know that we can easily keep in touch with them anytime and anywhere. But sad to say, like what I am doing in the past months when calling a good friend in California, we are sometimes choosing the expensive telecommunication company and let them charge us with a higher pay. But do we have an option? Of course. There's this new amazing way called Tabrio in which you get crystal-clear connections around the world, every time you contact someone globally.

With Tabrio you can make low-cost long distance calls with exceptional call quality and can send, reply to global text messages at lowest rates and can easily manage your global contact list, from any phone or PC! In addition, Tabrio will be much better if you use your iPhone! So what are you waiting for? Register your phone now and start connecting to your friends directly from your browsers because with Tabrio, you can SAY IT YOUR WAY!

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  2. bago to? parang digby din.. parang YM diba?