Thursday, July 31, 2008

SCS Pasundayag 2008

Annually, our school/college is holding an event called the School of Computer Studies Pasundayag! In this exciting event, all students from our college from three departments, Information Technology, Computer Science and Electronics Communication Eng'g, compete in a friendly contests. The contests are in the category of Literary, Sports and Cultural. Some of these contests are, Pop Dance Contest, Interpretative Dance, Badminton, Impromptu Speaking and many many more that would surely enhance and improve more our knowledge and skills not just academically but also for extra curricular activities.

The official opening ceremony is today, August 1, 2008 at exactly 8:00 AM(Philippines Time). Since I was tired practicing last night for our entry in the Pop Dance Contest, I decided not to go to school early today! Hence, I did not able to attend the opening ceremony. No worries though!

I'll posts pictures here soon!

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