Friday, August 1, 2008

Today is the Day

Wohoo! Today is the final judgment! Hehehe. Today will be the very day that we'll be performing our prepared Pop Dance. Even though I am excited, there's still factors that make me feel uneasy and nervous in some ways. But I know we can do this!

The contest will start late this evening (Philippines Time) in our school. Since there are only three departments in our college, meaning, there will just be only three groups that will perform. I know it's not that tough enough since we will just be competing against two groups, but still we are not that sure whether or not we can get it or whatever. We'll just hope for the best.

Wish us luck!

1 comment:

  1. What's the result Marky? I guess, your group won... can be 1st... can be 2nd and can be 3rd, since there are only 3 competing groups.

    Whatever is the result, you are all winners! Congrats!

    Marky, I have 3 siblings who finished their college education in MSU Marawi. The youngest Cristina finished her LLB last year. She's now a lawyer.