Friday, July 18, 2008

The Props and Drops in SocialSpark

I was really shocked when I saw my number of PROPS after I've visited my account in SocialSpark dropped to NEGATIVE TWO! I did really wondered how that happened and so I browsed other blogs and users for me to see if I was not alone who had lost PROPS! Surprisingly, I saw one of my buddies' profile. I then immediately looked at her number of PROPS and wohhoo... it's NEGATIVE 3! (more worst than mine). I browse over the IZEA Board hoping to find answers for my questions regarding the props thing. IZEA board didn't fail me. I saw ALL the answers there! (^_^).

For some who are still confused why their props went back to ZERO, here's the summary of what I've read in IZEA Board (Copy and pasted some of them to be clear enough!)
  1. One of the biggest abuses SS have seen relates to comment spam and props. Especially bloggers pouncing new users and leaving comments such as "prop for u" and "luv your blog. I gave you a prop" in hopes of gaining a reciprocal prop, whether or not it is actually deserved.
  2. The new comment system will not allow you to leave comments regarding props (along with other types of comments such as "waiting in line", "requested this opp", etc.) without a warning. SS officially considers these types of comments as spam or non-additive at best.
  3. And so, SS added their new Code of Conduct as a page that's accessible from the main Help menu that includes a basic overview of the SocialSpark community, and gives guidelines on etiquette for propping and commenting.
  4. They've added a filter on comments that recognizes if a comment that's about to be made looks like something most users would consider to be spam.
  5. So all bloggers must not anymore leave these types of comments from now on and if WE abuse the system WE run the risk of being BANNED!
  6. To be fair enough, SS is reseting all props to ZERO!
Clear? So to my fellow bloggers, let's all be careful and NEVER again leave comments that SS considers as spam! :) Let's all make IZEA clean and a better community!

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  1. i actually hate receiving messages with "propped u or prop me back" and usually don't reciprocate...

    Deranged Insanity
    Traipsey Turvey