Saturday, July 19, 2008

Idol Blog '08: Week Two Results

The second week of IDOL BLOG '08 was well participated by the nominees and their supporters. As a proof, the total votes that have been cast was 1,005! Cool! And so here are the rankings of this week's nominees.


To the owners of the top three blogs, you can claim your respective badges on this LINK.
Be sure to read Guideline Number 8. Thank you.

To the second and third placer, your blog is still part of next week's round. :)

To other bloggers who want to submit their blogs for the contest, just read this LINK. You are all welcome to join!


  1. Yey, congrats to Arvin and Enday! ^^
    It really was a great week with more than a thousand votes. Whew! Congrats, Marky! Will post about this. ;)

  2. Hey Mark, switch to for you online voting for your nominees. is no longer reliable on this.

  3. ok. I'll try Snappoll! Thanks!

  4. congrats marky sa sucessful turn out ng contest. congrats din to enday and ner! Btw, sa mga online poll sites, normal ang magkaroon ng multiple votings lalo na pag capable ang voter about using proxies gaya na lang ng comment ng isang concerned voter. Well, im just glad that di kami nandaya sa botohan. congrats! ^^